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Painting Insolent, Perov, 1874

Painting Insolent, Perov, 1874

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Inveterate - Perov. 87,5x113

Before us is a bound and prisoner rebel, a young Russian guy, a strong, explosive temperament. The very name of the work suggests that the author considers his hero an incorrigible rebel who cannot be broken, re-educated, changed. A proud landing of the head, a confident look and a contemptuous half-smile - all in the guise of a hero indicates that we have a strong personality, a leader, an ataman.

Opposite the hero are his guards. Stooped, stooped, they fearfully examine their prisoner. Their features are fuzzy, the author as if points to their facelessness, ordinary, ordinary.

There is an unhurried conversation between those present. What are the guards trying to understand? The secret of the hero’s reckless courage? The reasons for its inflexibility? May be.

The light to work is concentrated on the figure of a rebel. It is on him a bright shirt, even the ropes on the legs are red. The guards, in contrast, are dressed in gray clothes.

Interesting scene of the picture. A close examination reveals that the bathhouse was chosen as the place of detention (old broom on the floor, wooden shelves, stove). The rebel, apparently, was tied up by the villagers themselves and, after setting up two guards, was sent for the bailiff, who should decide the fate of the inveterate robber.