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Beijing Planetarium, Beijing, China

Beijing Planetarium, Beijing, China

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In China, stars have been watched for a couple of millennia, if not more. At the beginning of the 2000s, a new planetarium building was opened for visits. Of course, the largest in the world.

On a vast area there are several exhibition halls, the planetarium itself - ordinary and digital. But the most popular entertainment here is different.

Cinema halls in which films in 3D and 4D formats are shown are rarely empty. Since the main goal of this institution is to promote astronomical knowledge, the theme of the films shown is appropriate.

Among the exhibition halls, the audience devoted special attention to the exposition dedicated to the sun.

An interesting composition is an old observatory. In general, on the planetarium territory, here and there, copies of ancient Chinese devices for studying the starry sky, an earthquake identifier, even porcelain vases with paintings corresponding to the theme of the institution are on display.

The planetarium is a great store. Here you can buy binoculars or a telescope, a telescope. And all this with the best optics, albeit very expensive.

There is an opportunity to feel like a real space traveler. In one of the halls there are powerful installations, sitting in which and wearing a helmet, you can feel like a spaceship pilot.

Every day in the cinema you can watch movies about dinosaurs - favorite stories of the Chinese. These sessions are even more actively attended than others.

The planetarium is closed on Mondays and Tuesdays. The rest of the time, the institution is open from 10.30 to 17.30. During national holidays, the operating time of the complex is increased by two hours. Several times a year, a free night is announced at the planetarium. This means that in the evenings all exhibitions can be viewed for free, the same applies to cinema halls. It is important to get here no later than 8 pm, as the flow of visitors is very large. In normal times, the entrance ticket will cost from 10 to 45 yuan, depending on the part of the planetarium that you are going to visit.

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