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Morning, Claude Lorren, 1666

Morning, Claude Lorren, 1666

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Morning - Claude Lorren. 113X157 cm

Claude Lorren’s picture “Morning” can be safely called the most lyrical and subtle among his paintings. Lorren, with his sublime landscape, poets the Biblical story - the meeting of the herding flock of Jacob's sheep and the daughters of Laban, the meeting that marked the beginning of his long love for Rachel.

The association of nature awakening from a dream with a nascent feeling between young hearts is what most occupies the artist’s thoughts, and this is what his picturesque narrative is about. Lorrain is completely and completely absorbed in the chanting of a spiritualized and majestic, idyllic-peaceful landscape, he only trusts the image of figures in the picture to his like-minded Philip Lauri. With light and light colors, the artist paints the sky and trees, hills and a dilapidated building. The panorama is flooded with a gentle, uniting everything around, pinkish-blue light.

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