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Guhara Palace Museum, Cairo, Egypt

Guhara Palace Museum, Cairo, Egypt

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The Royal Palace of Al-Guhara, the official residence of Egyptian monarchs for a century and a half, is located in the southern part of Cairo Citadel. This building has become a museum recently, but the exposition deserves attention.

Al-Guhara Palace was built at the beginning of the 19th century on the orders of the first of the kings, Muhammad Ali. Vladyka decided to build his own residence in order to completely abandon residences reminiscent of Ottoman rule in Egypt.

A surprisingly organic combination of European Baroque and Oriental art creates a magnificent and solemn atmosphere of the palace.

The rich gilded stucco molding on the ceilings, sculpture, painting, everything here emphasizes the former greatness of the Egyptian monarchy.

Reception rooms, a throne room with furniture, display cases with royal formal and ceremonial clothes, all on display are bright, attractive and interesting.

Tour guides will definitely report that the throne of Muhammad Ali is the best in the world. The statement itself is debatable, however, this gift to Egypt from the Italian king actually makes a strong impression. The combination of bright red velvet with ebony covered with elaborate carvings is perfectly combined with the oriental flavor of the palace.

Huge mirrors in massive frames were hung so that everyone who came to the royal audience could put themselves in order.

One cannot but pay attention to the massive chandelier in the throne room. This is a gift from the French Louis Philippe. The weight of this lamp is about a ton!

The exposition of the bedroom of Muhammad Ali allows us to judge the personal tastes and preferences of the king, his character. It is here that you will be told about how the Egyptian king got rid of his Mamelukes foes. Inviting them to a feast, the king ordered them to be killed at the exit from the palace. Refined and simple, for oriental taste ...

There is no separate fee for visiting the palace. Entrance ticket to the territory of the Cairo citadel includes a visit to the royal palace of Al-Guhara.

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