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State Museum of the East, Moscow

State Museum of the East, Moscow

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The State Museum of the East was organized back in 1918, which means that very soon it will celebrate its centenary. Today it is located in the famous “Lunin House” and is always ready to offer its visitors a fascinating meeting with the art of Japan and China, Iran and India, countries of Southeast and Central Asia, the Caucasus, Transcaucasia, Kazakhstan, etc.

Particular attention in the museum is paid to the works of outstanding scientists, researchers and artists - Nicholas and Svyatoslav Roerichs. There is even a scientific memorial cabinet of the Roerichs, where meetings are held with "Roerichologists" who come to Moscow from different parts of the Earth. The Museum of Oriental Art regularly hosts exhibitions of works by domestic and foreign artists. However, this does not mean at all that on the exhibition days the museum is ruled by a strictly defined theme. In the Museum of the East, one day you can almost always get acquainted with the various cultural features of a number of countries, which makes it unique and especially attractive for visitors in its own way.

Since its founding, one of the museum's activities has been a great scientific work, which consisted in organizing and conducting various archaeological expeditions to the Caucasus and Central Asia. But they cannot do just collecting and storing collected works of art here: many relics have to be restored and restored, researched and studied. In fact, the Museum of the East is a whole research institute, comprising two doctors and thirty candidates of science.

A lot of attention in the State Museum of the East is given to educational activities, which also distinguishes it from a number of single-profile institutions. There is a very active lecture hall in which unique lectures are regularly read, many of which intersect with curricula in history, geography, and cultural history. These lectures make up for the serious deficit in materials related to the study of the countries of the East, which, unfortunately, is available today in school and university programs. If you wish, you can also visit various circles and studios, as well as various movie screenings that are regularly held in the museum. The art studio accepts any adult and child into its ranks, regardless of the level of initial training. In the museum, you can join yoga classes any day, get acquainted with the features of the tea ceremony and do other, no less interesting things.

By the way, in addition to its central office, the State Museum of the East also has its North Caucasus branch, which is located in the city of Maykop.

If you are interested in the art of the East in all its magnificent diversity - come to us! We are sure: each of you will receive an unforgettable experience and joy from communicating with the beautiful, which is so rare today in our daily lives!

Opening hours:

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VT, SR, Fri, Sat, Sun
11: 00-20: 00, ticket office until 19:30
12: 00-21: 00, ticket office until 20:30

For inquiries - 8 495 691-02-12
Excursion Bureau - 8 495 691-82-19

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