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"Fair", Kustodiev - description of the painting

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Fair - Boris Mikhailovich Kustodiev. 66.5x88.5

The fair is the most important event in rural life. The artist remains invisible to the fair public - not a single face is turned towards the viewer. All are engaged in bargaining, choice, calculation.

People are dressed smartly: boots and new bast shoes for men, women have light dresses, bright scarves, holiday ribbons in braids.

In the foreground are two old men discussing what is happening, comparing last year's fairs with the current one. Children at the fair are busy with their simple needs. The girl, clutching a donated doll, eagerly looks at the rest of the toys on the counter. The boy, with a piece of sugar in his hand, thoughtfully enjoys a treat.

Women surrounded the merchant with bright scarves. Someone picks new rakes, buckets, baskets. Young guys try the accordion to the sound. The fair is noisy.

And above, over the bustle of the fair, white churches against a cloudy white sky, blue forests in the distance, dark roofs of old huts. Soon the fair will end and workdays will come, the usual rural measured life.

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