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Naval Aviation Museum, Pensacola, USA

Naval Aviation Museum, Pensacola, USA

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Purpose of the famous Museum of the National Naval Aviation, which is located in the city of Pensacola, in the official branch of the Naval Museum, is a mission that can be called with just one phrase - "the selection, preservation and full-fledged exhibition of all historical artifacts, collecting items that relate to the history of all naval aviation."

The main value of the museum is now considered a collection of more than 700 aircraft, most of which were exhibited in other museums. For example, in the Naval Aviation located in Pensacol, nearly 150 aircraft were presented. They also include the NC-4 record-breaking aircraft, called the flying boat, he was the first to successfully fly across the Atlantic, and, in addition, he was able to earn the title of Hero of the Battle for Guadalcanal SBD Dauntless and the Battle of Midway, the first two Vietnamese aircraft - MIG -killer, in addition to the A-7 Corsair 2, which participated in the operation in Iraq, a Desert Storm and, of course, the famous F-14, codenamed Tomcat, which performed incredible combat missions at one time. Among all the planes of this museum, very rare instances of the assembled military equipment, which have a sufficiently large historical value, also attract their attention quite strongly. And of course, a collection of rivals in the ongoing battles in the sky over the Pacific Ocean during World War II. Japanese fighters N1K2-J George, A6M Zero and F4U corsair aircraft, F4F Wildcat, F6F Hellcat.

At the same time, also, despite the fact that all these aircraft are the most important relics of the museum, they are only a small part of the entire collection. But this collection as a whole has about 4,000 sets of military, uniform, insignia, summer equipment and, of course, awards, which give a fairly complete picture directly about the service of the pilots themselves and the entire military and maintenance personnel as a whole. In addition to this incredible collection, the Naval Aviation Book Library, named after Emil Bühler, contains personal as well as various official documents of many famous naval pilots, collections of photographs and recordings, which in total number about 350,000 images. In addition, the library itself is also a very large repository of the entire history of naval aviation and does not just attract a large number of researchers from around the world. It was created with a grant from a foundation in honor of Emil Bühler, and the library itself officially considers its discovery in November 1992. She focused on the proper development of all existing naval aviation, in general, starting as early as 1911, although the collection also contains manuscripts and even books that can cover the non-aviation sphere of the still distant activity of the historical naval forces.

On the whole, the existing expositions of the entire naval museum, in particular aviation, try to cover all possible factors of a person’s service in the history of the air forces of the past tense, when a person served. In each available period of time, they were presented in the form of separately selected expositions, thus mixing stories about the hostilities that took place, incredible technological achievements, scientific discoveries, and the triumph of the whole human spirit as a whole.

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