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Portrait of Dona Teresa Louise de Sured, Francisco de Goya

Portrait of Dona Teresa Louise de Sured, Francisco de Goya

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Portrait of Dona Teresa Louise de Sured - Francisco José de Goya y Lucientes. 119.7x79.4

The great Spanish painter Goya is one of the best authors of female portraits. Teresa Louise de Sureda was the wife of a close friend of Goya Bartolome Sureda (whose portrait is also in the collection) - a painter and lithographer, director of the Royal Porcelain Factory in Madrid, who began to produce Sevres porcelain. The artist knew his model and its character well.

The pose of the young woman is full of strong-willed determination - a rigid line of her back, a direct look and pursed lips, a gesture of her right hand, an extinguishing impulse to immediately get up and leave. The qualities inherent in the heroine are excellently transmitted by the master. The color of the work is based on a combination of sonorous, dense dark shades. Teresa de Sureda's dress almost merges with the background, with a light contrasting spot only the yellow silk sheathing of the chair stands out. The canvas is written in a free, somewhat generalized manner, which does not interfere with the realistic interpretation of the model. If in earlier portraits the costumes and accessories of the heroes played an important role, then here the artist does not hide the essence and character of the depicted behind the details.

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