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Transfiguration, Rafael Santi

Transfiguration, Rafael Santi

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Transfiguration - Rafael Santi. 405x278

Rafael painted this altar painting commissioned by Cardinal Giulio Medici, who was appointed Archbishop of Narbonne. for the city cathedral, but did not have time to finish it, so only the main stage belongs to his brush - Christ and the apostles Peter, James and John on Mount Tabor.

The artist subtly conveyed the light that emanates from Christ, and the feeling that He is rising upward, and the stunnedness of the apostles blinded by this vision. At the bottom of the picture, which finished the students of Raphael - Giulio Romano and Francesco Penny, everything is immersed in twilight. Here is represented the healing by the apostles of the possessed boy, and the sharp chiaroscuro, pathetic poses and gestures of the crowded characters are contrasted with the scene above, depicted in a bright and clear manner.

Rafael died young while he was working on this work, and on the day of the funeral it was placed at its head.

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