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National Museum of the History of Ukraine, Kiev

National Museum of the History of Ukraine, Kiev

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National Museum of the History of Ukraine there is more than one decade. Initially, it was organized as the Museum of Old Age and Arts, in Soviet times its name was changed several times, and it was named the National Museum of History of Ukraine in 1991 and became the first cultural object to which it was assigned such a high status.

The building of the Museum of History was built in 1939 and was originally intended for the first Ukrainian art school. The building project was completed by I. Yu. Karakis. At the entrance to the building, a stone is installed on which it is written in Old Slavic with the words of Nestor the Chronicler. From here the earth began to be Ruska.

The National Museum of History of Ukraine today has almost a million exhibits of historical and cultural values ​​and relics, among which you can find collections of manuscripts, works of art, old seals, weapons, monuments of decorative and applied art, numismatic collections, ethnographic collections, works of jewelers of the 14th - 20th centuries. , porcelain and glass products, etc. Important among other things are unique Cossack attributes, letters of hetmans and foremen, letters, versatile persons. Especially popular is the collection of things of Ukrainian Serzhik Lifar, recognized as the god of dance.

The museum has a branch - Museum of historical values ​​of Ukraine, which presents unique products made of precious metals and stones. The collection of the branch includes products of Ukrainian jewelers, Scythian and Old Russian masters. The museum also presents a collection of European cult silver XVIII - post. The twentieth century, known far beyond the borders of Ukraine. The museum holds visiting exhibitions around the world, which allows hundreds of thousands of visitors to touch history.

National Museum of the History of Ukraine constantly evolving, cherishing the collections of past centuries and collecting contemporary collections. He was the first of Ukrainian museums to keep an electronic register of exhibits, as well as mark them using holography.

Today in the museum you can watch 20 different thematic excursions, 7 exhibitions, as well as a theatrical exhibition Museum etudes, as well as a special educational and entertaining game for children in search of treasure.

Schedule daily, except Wednesday, from 10-00 to 17.30.

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