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Museum-estate of Repin - “Penates”, Russia, St. Petersburg

Museum-estate of Repin - “Penates”, Russia, St. Petersburg

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In 1899 Repin bought the Penates estate, which officially after the purchase became owned by NB Nordman, and by will, after her death, Repin passed into the possession of the Academy of Arts, and a museum was to be opened in the house itself.

In “Penates” Repin lived for about 30 years. There was nothing superfluous and extravagant in the house, although in appearance the house had a bizarre shape. The meaning of his life was art, and he created in this house in silence and tranquility, not fencing off much from the rest of the world.

"Penates" - Translated from Latin means hometown. Yes, this house became so close to Repin that he did not want to leave it when the border with Finland was closed in 1918. So he lived the rest of his years in the estate, and died in 1930 on September 29 in the estate. In it he is also buried according to the will.

Penat has its own fate, which is no less interesting through the fate of Repin. After buying a house, Repin himself completed it, as he was completely unsuitable for creative work. Repin himself completed the summer and winter workshop, and also built various outbuildings. After the start of the Second World War, all exhibits from the estate were successfully removed, but, unfortunately, after its completion there was no trace of the estate. June 24, 1962 a new building was erected, which to this day is called museum-estate "Penates".

An interesting incident occurred once in a manor. Mayakovsky visited her, which is confirmed by a photograph in the museum, where Mayakovsky and Chukovsky were photographed in the dining room of the house. Repin liked Mayakovsky, as well as the fact that he drew a lot. In the "Penates" between them there was a kind of "duel" - at the same time they painted a friend to a friend.

In the house you can see a lot of interesting and unique things: the artist’s office, the veranda, which was the first workshop of Repin. Also in the front door you can watch a unique table, the middle of which can be rotated. On the second floor are workshops, very bright and with large windows. Near the house there is a beautiful park, in which there are ponds, a well, intricate arbors. Ilya Efimovich Repin is buried in the very center of the park.

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