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Dinosaur museum in Moscow - one of the largest natural - historical museums in the world. The history of this museum dates back to the time of the Kunstkamera, where outlandish finds were collected, including the remains of dinosaurs.

Nowadays, the dinosaur museum in Moscow occupies a vast territory - 5 thousand square meters. Not every museum can boast of such dimensions. Once inside, immediately there is a feeling of touching those distant times when there were no people on earth yet, but dinosaurs existed. The museum has 6 rooms. The halls consistently acquaint visitors with the history of the origin of life on earth. At the entrance to the museum hangs a huge canvas called "The Tree of Life" by A. Belashov. Each exhibit of the museum is very expensive and has a rich history. All exhibits were collected over time.

It all starts with introductory room - he is the first. Immediately at the entrance you can observe the skeleton of a mammoth. This exhibit was found by A. I. Trofimov in 1842 on a peninsula in Siberia, and then moved to the museum.

Followed by Precambrian Hall and the Late Paleozoic, in which you can find a huge plate with imprints of ancient organisms that moved crawling. Also in this room you can find a collection of reptiles that lived in the Moscow region. There are also skeletons of killer plants that were found in Perm in the 1950s.

Mesozoic Dinosaur Museum Hall one of the most interesting. Here you can see the actual skeletons of dinosaurs that were found in Mongolia. Also, this hall is famous for the largest exhibit - the skeleton of a diplodocus, which was presented to Nicholas II in 1913. The exposition presents many diverse skeletons: a mastodon, various flightless birds, hornless rhinoceros and others.

Dinosaur museum visited repeatedly, because at one time it’s impossible to see everything. The exposition is so large that even walking for three days in the museum you will not have time to consider everything. The museum is very visited, because the life of dinosaurs has always interested people.

Dinosaur Museum Address: Moscow, Profsoyuznaya St., 123

Opening hours: From 11 00 to 18 00 - Monday and Tuesday are a day off.

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