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Portrait of James Stuart, Anthony van Dyck

Portrait of James Stuart, Anthony van Dyck

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Portrait of James Stuart - Anthony van Dyck. 215.9x127.6

At the height of his work, the best Flemish portrait painter Anthony Van Dyck (1599-1641) worked at the court of King Charles I. He created a whole gallery of portraits of the English nobility, among which - portrait of james stewart, Duke of Lennox and Richmond.

This is a ceremonial image: a silver star is embroidered on the cousin of the royal cousin, indicating that in front of us is the knight of the Order of the Garter (the garter itself is visible on his left leg). He stands in a proud pose, captured in full growth, and so that the viewer looks at Stuart a little from below.

But how much good-natured humor in how Van Dyck saw this aristocrat! The artist emphasizes the long figure of the portrait being portrayed by the elongated format of the painting and by the fact that the left and right close draws the frame to the image. Next to him, the artist agreed to write his beloved dog - also tall and lanky. Nevertheless, the portrait was covered with incredible warmth: no matter how Stuart tried to give his face the cool and arrogant expression familiar to official portraits, nothing came of it. He bribes the viewer with his charm and kindness.

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