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Still Life with Musical Instruments, Peter Klas, 1623

Still Life with Musical Instruments, Peter Klas, 1623

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Still life with musical instruments - Peter Klas. 60x122

One of the famous artists of the Dutch school of painting, Peter Klaas (circa 1597-1661), painted beautiful realistic still lifes in which he carefully recreated the life of urban burghers. In his works, one feels love for the things surrounding a person in everyday life. The subject world gains its own philosophy: every thing is created with skillful hands, be it freshly baked bread or a glass of the finest glass made by a skilled craftsman. Things serve a person, create the necessary warmth and comfort, decorating his life. One can take a long look at Klaas's still lifes, on which each object is painted so carefully, with such an excellent transfer of the texture of the material and the play of light on its surface, that one wonders whether this thing can actually be as good as it is beautiful in this picture. Everything matters in the master’s paintings, nothing is accidental or secondary. Each subject can tell its story, and all of them tell about the life of the townspeople of the XVII century.

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