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Portrait of King Francis I of France - Jean Clouet

Portrait of King Francis I of France - Jean Clouet

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Portrait of King Francis I of France - Jean Clouet. 96x74

Jean Clouet (circa 1485 - circa 1540) was the court painter of King Francis I. His work was at the forefront of French portraiture.

In the portrait french king depicted in the rich clothing of the Renaissance: a luxurious hat decorated with pearls, satin clothing, generously embroidered with gold. On the drapery, which serves as the background for the portrait, images of the crown flaunt, indicating that royal blood flows in the veins of the depicted. Before us is an elegant man and a brilliant sovereign, recognized as one of the greatest and wisest monarchs of France. External surroundings do not distract the viewer from the model’s face and his deep, penetrating gaze. Francis was handsome, tall, ambitious, chivalrously amiable and daring to recklessness.

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