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Breakfast with Blueberry Pie, Willem Clas Head, 1631

Breakfast with Blueberry Pie, Willem Clas Head, 1631

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Breakfast with blueberry pie - Willem Clas Head. 54x82

In the 17th century, many artists created still lifes in Holland, and among them there was a specialization: one depicted flowers, another depicted dishes, the third depicted musical instruments. Willem Klas Kheda (1593 / 1594-1680 / 1682) wrote the same type of still life for several decades, at least they date back to 1631 (presented “Breakfast with Blueberry Pie”), and in 1651. For such a long time working in one genre, artists achieved impressive perfection in the technique of transferring fruits, vegetables, textures of fabrics, objects made of metal and glass, water in glasses. Still lifes with food were called “onbijtjes” (from Dutch - “breakfast”).

The demand for such still lifes was very high. In the early 1630s, Kheda began to write them, using the rather conservative canons of his contemporaries - Floris Kles van Dyck and Nikolaes Gillis. He also places the table strictly parallel to the plane of the picture, that is, the back wall of the room. Nevertheless, the artist introduced a certain revival in the composition of his still lifes. So, his white tablecloth does not cover the whole table, but only a part. Thus, he avoids the monotony of the background.

Head's many years of addiction to the same subjects are noteworthy. A cup, a glass, a glass, a damask blade, a pocket watch with an open lid and a strikingly precise mechanism (the painter used the finest brushes in his work) - all this is reproduced with undeniable love.

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