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Interior of the Old Church in Amsterdam during the service, Emanuel de Witte

Interior of the Old Church in Amsterdam during the service, Emanuel de Witte

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The interior of the Old Church in Amsterdam during the service - Emanuel de Witte. 79.1 x 63.1

Emanuel de Witte (1616 / 1617-1692) - Dutch artist, master of interior and domestic genres.

The National Gallery houses two Witte paintings - both depicting Old church in amsterdam. The premises of the temple are presented at them from different points of view. As a result of many years of artistic experience in a relatively narrow specialization, the painter achieved extraordinary skill in conveying the perspective of a large cathedral space. Moreover, he equally succeeded both in the depiction of real churches and in artistic fantasies on the themes of their interiors. In fairness, it should be noted that in the second half of life, after 1650, the master turned to the image of secular interiors, the experience was positive. Thus, Witte’s paintings, although limited to a narrow theme, represent within her extraordinary artistic value. The viewer feels himself inside the cathedral, participating in the traditional life of the Dutch, a witness to their daily affairs and habits. The social aspect also attracts attention, the space is divided into two parts: a sermon is taking place in the back, exclusively men are on it, and women and children communicate in the near secular way. It seems like this is a continuation of the street, even dogs are present here (they can always be seen in the church’s interiors of the master).

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